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Malleable C-Clamp For 3/4'' Threaded Rods Plain | Beam Clamps

Malleable C-Clamp For 3/4'' Threaded Rods Plain

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Technical Specifications
Part# AFIG30134
Capacity lbs. 630
Finish Plain
For Threaded Rods Size 3/4''-10
Height 2 1/16''
Length 1 1/2''
Max Pipe Size 6''
Throat Deepness 3/4''

Product Description
Beam clamps are designed to attach hanger rod from metal beams, channels, or angle iron. They detain a through hole for easier installation of threaded rod.

Addditional Information

FUNCTION: Designed for attaching hanger rod
to the bottom flange of a beam. The hanger rod
should make contact with the beam flange to
ensure full engagement.
APPROVALS: Complies with Manufactures’
Standardization Society (MSS) SP-58 & SP-69
(Type 23). Complies with Federal Specifications
A-A-1192A (Type 23).