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We pride ourselves in offering a level of service that is not seen anywhere else in the industry. Our customer representatives truly care, and they excel at proving it.

Our staff is trained to be bilingual; French or English we will serve you in your native language with enthusiasm.

Our fastener training program teaches our staff technical knowledge about all kinds of fasteners and applications, we focus the learning on critical structural applications. This way, we can help and understand your needs and requirements; we ask the right questions to ensure you get the best fasteners for your project.

The quickest quote turnaround time in the industry is something else we are proud to offer. At Lightning Bolts, we understand your time is important. Therefore, every step along the way, we will make sure you get those products right on time, and we will keep you informed of the status of your orders.

Product Quality
And Tracability

With every structural fastener comes the guarantee that the highest quality of product standards are met.

We have the documentation to prove it: Mill test reports are supplied for all structural fasteners, containing both the physical and chemical composition and the fastener capacities.

Our modern Enterprise Resource Planning software allow us to manage our products by unique lots and integrate the required documentation.

Should you require additional tests for specific applications, we offer these options:

• Skidmore test – also known as ROCAP test
• Physical proprieties analysis
• Chemical proprieties analysis
• Shear test | Tensile strength
• Other tests according to your needs


Our manufacturing facility contains high end machinery to be able to create the perfect fastener, accurately and automatically.

The following standard operations are offered:

• Cut to length
• Bending
• Welding Steel Plates to rod assemblies

We typically work with fasteners from 1/4-inch diameter to 2-inches diameter, up to 20 feet long and on a wide array of materials and grades.

We produce custom: Bent Anchor Bolts, Threaded rods/studs to length, Double end Studs, A325 and A490 Structural Bolts, and additional custom products.

The Hot Dipped Galvanizing by ASTM A123 and ASTM F2329 is also taken care of by our team, so you can get a finish product with the perfect certification and all in one step.

Our turnaround production lead times are the fastest in the industry.


We have relations with the best mills around the world for:

• Structural fasteners
• Strut channels and accessories
• Screws
• And many more items

Looking for some major cost savings or larger quantities are unavailable in the local market?

Our experts will work step by step with you to define the exact specifications you’re looking for and provide you with the best lead times. We take care of everything: the quality is guaranteed, we provide a flexible and risk-free solution.


Our warehouse contains a complete range of fasteners with a heavy level of stock. Our advanced software strategically and periodically adjusts every item level to get an optimal minimum amount of stock; we don’t work with a “just in time” inventory, but rather with an “just in case” one. Your time is precious, and we strive to save it and get your order in and out as efficiently as possible.

We aim to be your one stop shop for your fastening needs; which is why we have a high level of variety, and stock as well complimentary lines of products; Cutting Tools, Abrasives, Personal protection equipment, Drill bits, Installation bits, and much more.

Our inventory expansion reflects the level of readiness and stock availability we strive to provide.

Got recurring orders? Need to get orders sent in a few releases with a specific timeline? We are fully dedicated to strategically work with you to make sure the items are stocked and reserved for you when you want them and packaged per your requirements.