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Our Identity


Lightning Bolts is an industry leader in bolts, anchors, screws, and structural fasteners. Quality is our priority – and with fast response times, plus expert technical advice, and plenty of stock for large projects, we set the benchmark in our industry.


We are dedicated to satisfying customer needs on all standard and hard-to-find Structural Fasteners. Through steady investments in inventory and state-of-the-art specialty manufacturing capabilities, Lightning Bolts offers a competitive edge to all its partners accross North America. We strive to provide the right fasteners at the right time, and ultimately make every project more efficient.


We stand by key values that define who we are and what we aim to accomplish:

Customer satisfaction provided by our commitment to the quality of our customer service.

Passion driven by our constant innovations and unparalleled ambitions.

Personnal development achieved by professional challenges, trust, and a pleasant pro-teamwork environment

This is our recipe for success.


2016 : The business is officially incorporated by Guillaume Lachapelle and Vincent Gauthier.
2017:  Our operations are up and running in our warehouse.
2018:  Lightning Bolts hire its first employee, Alex Brisebois, who will later on become General Manager.
2019: The first Outside Sales representative is hired; Nicolas Desjardins. This is also the year where Lightning Bolts start cutting its own studs inhouse.
2020: The pandemic hits, the worksites are closed, the store is also closed to the public. However, with the company knowledge about import, an all-in move is made to secure an high value shipment of Class 2 3-Ply masks for the canadian hospitals that are in shortage.
2021: The team keeps expanding fast, as is the inventory. Our volume of import is climbing up significantly as the world supply chain is being disrupted. Lightning Bolts finds ways to make sure their customers receive stock on a regular basis to keep their projects going.
2022: The inventory is ever expanding and overflowing : an important portion must be stocked in outside containers. The decision is made to build a new warehouse and manufacturing facility.
2023: Moving into our new warehouse with triple the pallet space and state-of-the-art machinery to manufacture custom anchors and bolts. Lightning bolts will have the capacity to precisely cut, thread and bend north american steel.
2025: Phase 2 of the Building, which will double once more the stocking space and propulse our manufacturing capabilities even further.

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