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Boltsletter - November 2023

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Welcome to our brand new  Newsletter, you will learn: tips, industry trends, news, and promising projects.

Worldsteel Short Range Outlook 2023

The World Steel Association (worldsteel) today released an update of the Short Range Outlook (SRO) for 2023 and 2024. worldsteel forecasts that steel demand will grow by 1.8% in 2023 and reach 1,814.5 Mt after contracting by 3.3% in 2022.  In 2024, steel demand will see a further increase of 1.9% to 1,849.1 Mt.

Commenting on the outlook, Mr. Máximo Vedoya, Chairman of the worldsteel Economics Committee, said, “steel demand has been feeling the impact of the high inflation and interest rate environment. Since the second half of 2022, the activities of steel using sectors have been cooling sharply both for most sectors and regions as both investment and consumption weakened. The situation continued into 2023, particularly affecting the EU and the US. Considering the delayed effect of the tightening monetary policy, we expect steel demand recovery in 2024 to be slow in the advanced economies. Emerging economies are expected to grow faster than developed economies, but the performance of emerging economies continues to diverge, with emerging Asia maintaining resilience.

We expect the situation in China’s property market will stabilize in the latter part of the year and China’s steel demand will record slight positive growth thanks to government measures. The 2024 outlook for China remains uncertain depending on the policy directions to tackle the current economic difficulties. We note that the Chinese economy is in a structural transition phase that may add volatility and uncertainty. Other uncertainty is linked to regional conflicts and unrest such as in Russia and Ukraine, Israel and Palestine, and elsewhere. This could contribute to rising oil prices and further geo-economic fragmentation, both of which are downside risks.

It is worth noting that despite the weakening of construction activities due to high-interest rates, infrastructure investment is showing positive momentum in many regions, even in the advanced economies, reflecting the effect of decarbonisation efforts.”

PROJECT CONNAUGHT : Building communities to fight the housing crisis 🏠

Quality of life at a fair price

The Connaught Quarter is the very first eco-responsible neighborhood in Outaouais. Spanning more than 90 acres on the site of the former Aylmer racetrack, it brings together a happy combination of residential spaces, green spaces and community spaces. Very well located 4 km from the center of Aylmer and a stone's throw from Ottawa, the neighborhood is surrounded by parks, bike paths and golf courses. It also provides easy access to public transportation services, including the main park-and-ride facility in western Gatineau, the Rivermead Park-and-ride.

Eco-responsible construction

Designed with the health of the occupants, respect for the environment and energy efficiency at heart, the eco-responsible residences in Quartier Connaught present the construction quality that has made the reputation of Habitations Bouladier, while holding Novoclimat certification.

Great job to Structures Laygo for their participation in the project, a must in Outaouais for wood frame construction, experiencing rapid growth thanks to large surface area projects successfully completed in recent years.

Did you know? Wood Structural Connections 🌳

In the dynamic world of wood construction, precision and durability are paramount. We are thrilled to introduce Lightning Bolts, your premium choice for structural fasteners and connectors. We understand that every connection in a wooden structure plays a crucial role in its longevity and stability. Our meticulously engineered fasteners from Simpson Strong Tie and MiTek and connectors are crafted with the utmost precision, ensuring seamless integration and robust support for your wood building projects. Whether you're constructing residential homes, commercial spaces, or architectural masterpieces, Lightning Bolts is your trusted partner for superior quality and reliability. Elevate your structures with the strength and durability they deserve!

Manufacturing Capacities

t Lightning Bolts, we take immense pride in our role within the structural fastener industry. With absolute commitment to excellence and precision, we have become a trusted name synonymous with quality. As a manufacturer, our dedication to producing top-tier products is evident in our extensive range of offerings, which includes Heavy Hex Bolts, Bent Anchor Bolts, Double End Studs, and Threaded Rods Cut-To-Length.

Learn more about what we can do for you by visiting our website:

Manufacturing – Lightning Bolts (boulonseclair.com)

Our unwavering commitment to delivering reliable and customized solutions has earned us the trust of our customers, making Lightning Bolts a name you can depend on in the world of fasteners.

Picture below of a Heavy Hex Bolts made by Lightning Bolts, conforming to grade A325 with the exception of a special thread length required for a custom project:

Tip: Structural Steel grade comparison chart 💡




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