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Boltsletter - October 2023

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Construction steel prices in 2023-24 expected to remain high

Canada’s steel prices are expected remain high over the next 2023-2024 period, despite some softening of world prices.

Red hot prices soared the world per ton price to US$1,000 last year, but Fitch Solutions, which tracks world prices, revised its 2023 forecast of US$850 per ton to US$750 per ton mainly because of China’s steel glut. However, Canada remains locked out of lower cost steel by its protectionist tariffs and any slight price reductions are expected to be eroded through inflationary pressures and escalating costs of placing steel on jobsites.

“If you look at any of the markets, the prices have not come down as much as we wanted,” said Abbotsford’s sales and operations manager Don Shahan of Harris Rebar.

It’s a sentiment shared by others.

“Prices are coming down slowly but a lot of the lower cost of the actual material is eaten by extra labour costs to install the steel,” said managing director Anoop Khosla of Midvalley Rebar Ltd.

He estimates construction steel prices, depending upon the product, have come down 10 to 15 per cent.  Labour costs include increased wages plus there exists a growing labour shortage both in the field and locally in fabricating plants.  

Western Canada still remains caught in a hard place between prohibitive tariffs on Asian imports, such as from China (which in 2022 produced 1.01 billion tones or half the world supply), and protectionist tariffs on imported U.S. steel. 

Currently, approximately 60 per cent of Western Canadian imported steel is coming from three major sources side-stepping tariffs: Indonesia, Thailand and some from the United Arab Emirates. Peru is also supplying a small percentage.

“If there were any tariffs on these counties, it would be a real problem,” Kholsa said.

Fasteel president Dave Boyce also agrees some slippage in pricing has occurred this year in the 10 to 15 per cent range for construction steel. But some products remain volatile moving up and down, such as steel tubing for columns while steel stud prices have remained firm.  

“There is definitely a supply crunch,” he said, adding COVID hit the supply chain, followed by the Ukraine war with Russia, which supplied 71.5 million tones to world markets and is now under sanctions.   

Boyce said labour and transport costs remain an issue and although the company is mainly a supplier, it is aware of customers constantly looking for skilled workers and the higher fuel prices of delivering steel components to sites.

Source: https://canada.constructconnect.com/dcn/news/resource/2023/09/construction-steel-prices-in-2023-24-expected-to-remain-high

NEMASKA LITHIUM Bécancour Conversion Facility - In Construction ⚒️

The first such Conversion Facility in Canada

Fueled by hydroelectric power, the Nemaska Lithium Conversion Facility in Bécancour will convert the spodumene concentrate produced at the Whabouchi mine to lithium hydroxide. This is the first such conversion facility in Canada.

Other important players in the battery industry have also chosen to move to Bécancour in what many are already calling la vallée de la batterie (Battery Valley).

During the conversion facility’s construction period, which is expected to run from 2023 to 2025, Nemaska Lithium will create 800 full-time equivalent jobs.

Once in operation, Nemaska Lithium will employ nearly 200 people at its Bécancour conversion facility alone. The company will provide quality jobs. It will hire people trained in engineering, chemical process operation, instrumentation, mechanics, electricity and administrative support staff.

Nemaska Lithium will ensure that local and regional businesses are among its suppliers of products and services. 

Congratulations to Construction Proco, a key player in engineering advance with a reputation for excellence in the design, manufacturing, and installation of metal cladding and structures for being in charge of the structure of this revolutionary project.

Source: https://nemaskalithium.com/en/becancour-conversion-facility/

Manufacturing Capacities

At Lightning Bolts, we take immense pride in our role within the structural fastener industry. With absolute commitment to excellence and precision, we have become a trusted name synonymous with quality. As a manufacturer, our dedication to producing top-tier products is evident in our extensive range of offerings, which includes Heavy Hex Bolts, Bent Anchor Bolts, Double End Studs, and Threaded Rods Cut-To-Length.

Learn more about what we can do for you by visiting our website:

Manufacturing – Lightning Bolts (boulonseclair.com)

Our unwavering commitment to delivering reliable and customized solutions has earned us the trust of our customers, making Lightning Bolts a name you can depend on in the world of fasteners.

Picture below of a Heavy Hex Bolts made by Lightning Bolts, conforming to grade A325 with the exception of a special thread length required for a custom project:

Tip: How to install Chemical Anchors


Materials and Tools Needed:
  1. Chemical anchor epoxy cartridge with the appropriate resin and hardener

  2. Chemical anchor mixing nozzle

  3. Rotary hammer drill with the correct diameter masonry bit

  4. Wire brush or compressed air for cleaning holes

  5. Anchor bolts, threaded rods, or rebar

  6. Safety gear (gloves, safety glasses, and a dust mask)

  7. Cartridge gun for dispensing epoxy

  8. Hole cleaning brush (optional)

  9. Depth gauge

Installation Steps:
  1. Safety First: Put on your safety gear, including gloves, safety glasses, and a dust mask, to protect yourself during the installation process.

  2. Prepare the Surface:

    • Ensure that the concrete or masonry surface is clean, free from dust, debris, and any loose particles. Use a wire brush or compressed air to clean the holes thoroughly.

    • Measure and mark the drill hole locations according to your anchor's specifications.

  3. Drill Holes:

    • Use a rotary hammer drill with the correct diameter masonry bit to drill the holes to the required depth. Make sure the hole diameter matches the anchor's diameter + an oversize, of typically 1/8”, and the depth meets the manufacturer's recommendations.

    • Periodically remove the drill bit to clear the dust and debris from the hole.

  4. Clean Holes:

    • After drilling, remove any remaining dust and debris from the holes using a hole cleaning brush or compressed air. The holes must be completely clean to ensure a proper bond.

  5. Attach Mixing Nozzle: Attach a compatible mixing nozzle to the epoxy cartridge. The nozzle helps ensure a proper mixture of the epoxy as it is dispensed.

  6. Insert Anchor: Insert the anchor bolt, threaded rod, or rebar into the drilled hole while the epoxy is still fluid. Make sure the anchor is positioned at the correct depth and orientation as specified in the anchor's technical documentation.

  7. Dispense Epoxy:

    • Insert the epoxy cartridge into a cartridge gun and dispense the epoxy into the hole around the anchor. Fill the hole completely while slowly withdrawing the anchor to ensure full coverage.

    • Avoid trapping air bubbles while dispensing the epoxy.

  8. Set Anchor: Push or tap the anchor gently into the epoxy to eliminate any trapped air and ensure proper seating. Check the anchor's alignment and position to make sure it matches your requirements.

  9. Cure Time: Allow the epoxy to cure according to the manufacturer's instructions. Typically, this involves a waiting period before applying any load to the anchor.

  10. Final Inspection: Once the epoxy has fully cured, conduct a final inspection to ensure that the anchor is securely bonded to the substrate.

You will find a #cartridge calculator on this website:  Calculator (itwccna.com)
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    Did you know

    At Lightning Bolts, our dedication to providing high-quality and reliable SDS+ and SDS Max Masonry Drill Bits is unwavering. With a proven track record of meeting and surpassing industry standards, our products consistently deliver the performance and durability that our customers can trust. Ask us to add the drill bits matching with your rod anchors projects, we will add them to your order as a one stop shop, making you save your valuable time as well as cost.

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