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Boltsletter - September 2023

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Welcome to our brand new  Newsletter, you will learn: tips, industry trends, news, and promising projects.

The B.C. Port Strike is Over – A Four-Year Agreement Has Been Reached

The International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) announced Friday, August 4th, that 74.66% of its membership voted in agreement for the new four-year contract. The deal ensures marine terminals in the upcoming weeks can clear a backlog created by the strike. The agreement was reached with the assistance of the Canada Industrial Relations Board.
According to the British Columbia Maritime Employee Association (BCMEA), “The renewed collective agreement includes increases in wages, benefits and training that recognizes the skills and efforts of B.C.’s waterfront workforce, while providing certainty and stability for the future of Canada’s West Coast ports.” The agreement caps five weeks of disruption marked by 13 days of strikes, a one-day wildcat strike, and the union’s rejection of three tentative agreements struck by negotiators. Canada’s ministers of labor, Seamus O’Regan and Juan Pablo Rodriguez, released a statement on Friday stating “This dispute caused serious disruptions to our supply chains, risking our strong international reputation as a reliable trading partner. We do not want to be back here again.”
With a contract tentatively reached in Western Canada and the port of Halifax, Montreal remains the last major container port facing new negotiations to reach a new deal, as a federally arbitrated contract expires at the end of the year. The federal government forced both sides to accept a contract after a 19-day series of strikes, in May 2021.
Source: https://www.anderinger.com/bcportstrikeagreement/

Redesign of the Laviolette Bridge

We are witnessing the start of major work to replace the central slab of the Laviolette Bridge, which connects Trois-Rivières and Bécancour. A lifting gantry, specially designed for the project, will be used to replace nearly 700 elements that make up the current slab. The work is scheduled to end in 2025. No complete closure of the bridge is planned as part of the project.

“The Laviolette Bridge is a central link for transportation and the region’s economy. This is why this work is carried out in close collaboration with the various municipal partners. Emergency services were also consulted in order to maintain the fluidity of mobility between the two banks. This is a great example of a major infrastructure project planned in a spirit of collaboration to ensure its success for the benefit of all.”Jean Boulet, Minister of Labor and Minister responsible for the Mauricie region

Source: https://www.transports.gouv.qc.ca/fr/salle-de-presse/nouvelles/Pages/debut-travaux-majeurs-pont-laviolette.aspx 

Congratulations to the Canmec Group, particularly recognized for their expertise in the manufacturing and repair of bridges, which will carry out this work, mandated by Pomerleau.


Liquidation of high quality self-drilling screws

 During the stock shortage observed during the pandemic, we imported a large batch of self-drilling screws of several sizes. Today, they occupy a large space in our warehouse, which is why we are ready to sell them at an exceptional price. Contact us for more information. Special prices available for small and large quantities. Guaranteed quality. Here is the inventory in hand:

Tip: Determine the Optimal Length of A325 Bolts

If you are looking to determine the optimal length of your structural bolts for your project, you need to calculate the sum of:
Grip (Thickness of materials clamped together) + Corresponding number in table below (Depending on number of F436 washers used and bolt diameter)
** In the case of a Beveled Washer being used, add 5/16″ to the ‘No Washer’ corresponding column.
E.G : If you are looking to clamp 2 Metal Frames of 3/8″ thick each , using 3/4″ diameter bolt assembled structural bolts with one washer. The length of the bolt would need to be (3/8″ X 2) + 1 5/32″ = 1.90625″ rounding up on the size (increment by 1/4″ inch) would give us 3/4″ X 2″ A325 Structural Bolts.

Did you know?

Lightning Bolts is also a major player in the distribution of Strut Channels - also nicknamed Cantruss or U Channels. We had the opportunity to export 14,000' to Phoenix, Arizona, last week. For any related item, our experts will be happy to help you and offer you a lasting competitive advantage.

Satisfaction Survey Results

You were more than 150 respondents to our annual customer satisfaction survey. Thanks to you, we were able to identify the key success factors of the industry, while analyzing our strengths and challenges. In particular, the main point to improve that emerged was the delivery time, when the item is not in inventory. The almost unanimous strong points were the quality of customer service, through the speed of response, the ability to find solutions and flexibility, professionalism and warm support. Thank you and we will continue to improve the areas that are important to you and contribute to your business success!






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